Free Up Time & Increase Revenue

We help conduct testing, scoring, and file review so you can free up more of your valuable time and increase your revenue


All services in compliance with regulations and professional standards from these governing associations


Reliable Availability

Always have access to a psychometrist that's available when you need one, even on short notice

Trained & Experienced

Our psychometrists are continuesly trained on the latest versions of psychometric tests and are experienced working with a diverse clientele

Fast Turnaround Time

You can expect your client's completed file within 7 business days or sooner, with expedited turnaround times available upon request

Increase Your Revenue

Psychometrist creates a financial opportunity to Psychologists accepting lower cost assessments

Test Materials Available

You no longer have to order new tests, expensive manuals, or even keep your own inventory. We can provide all required testing materials for any type of assessment

Cost-Effective Solutions

No expensive inventory, payroll, or overhead. Our services help you streamline your assessment process

“I was very pleased with the level of professionalism and competency maintained throughout the entire process. The team consists of highly experienced psychometrists, who are capable of testing patients of varying disabilities and TBIs. The psychometrists were always on time, prepared and regularly communicated with me on the testing progress. I found it a convenient and efficient service that I would recommend to my colleagues.”

– Dr. Christopher Friesen, Psychologist, PhD, CPsych, BCN 

How It Works

Initial Consultation

Let us know the type of assessment your client needs administered, which tests you require administered, and the location for testing

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Once you've scheduled the testing session(s), one of our professionally trained psychometrists will meet with your client and conduct the testing. All required testing materials can also be provided upon request


You can expect your client's completed file within 7 business days or sooner, with expidited turnaround times available upon request. Psychometrist Canada adheres to PIPEDA compliance for record keeping and transfer

Free, No-Obligation Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

What tests/test batteries do you administer?

Our psychometrists are trained and experienced in administering testing for psychological, psychoeducational, psychovocational, and neuropsychological assessments

Which age groups do you test?

We have psychometrists that specialize in testing children, adolescents, adults and older populations

Do you test clients with disabilities and TBIs?

Yes, our psychometrists are experienced working with persons with different disabilities and traumatic brain injuries

Do I need to provide the testing manuals and materials for the testing session?

You don't need to provide us with testing materials as long as we know in advance which tests you require administered. We can still use your tests and manuals if that is preferred

How much does testing cost?

It depends on the type of assessment, the battery of tests and location of testing. We provide estimates during the initial phone consultation

How long does it take to get the scoring and behavioural observations?

You'll have the calculated scores and behavioural observations sent to you within 7 business days or sooner with expedited turnaround times available upon request

I only need testing done (not scoring or file review), is this something you offer?

Yes. Our services can be completely tailored to your needs. We can help you in any area of the assessment

Can I bill my client for Psychometrist services?

Yes. Psychometrists are considered auxiliary persons and can be billed at your hourly rate according to the professional guidelines for psychologists in Canada

Still Have Questions?